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Listen to the Discussion on ISN’s First Consensus Guidance for Pre-clinical Animal Studies in Translational Nephrology (TRANSFORM) with Fergus Caskey, Masaomi Nangaku and Agnes Fogo

Fergus Caskey, chair of the ISN Research Working Group, interviews ISN President Masaomi Nangaku and immediate Past President Agnes Fogo on the first guidance for the optimal conduct of translational animal studies for developing new drugs to treat kidney disease.

Listen to the ISN Global Kidney Care Podcast here.

Learn about:

  • The initiative’s goal of improving translational animal studies to help develop new drugs to treat kidney diseases
  • Essential factors to consider in animal studies and the future of organoids and organs-on-a-chip

The guidance is the first of its kind. It was developed by experts in the global kidney community following the “TRANSFORM; TRAnslational Nephrology Science FOR new Medications” consensus meeting held in 202

Read the guidance in Kidney International®  here.

Access more information about the initiative:

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