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The ISN Launches Groundbreaking Program to Enhance Expertise in Obstetric Nephrology

Led by renowned experts Shilpa Jesudason (Australia) and Michelle Hladunewich (Canada), the “Train the Trainer” program aims to transform approaches to managing kidney disease in pregnancy.

The program has three objectives:

Build a robust network of professionals well-versed in the intricate relationship between pregnancy and kidney disease

The ISN seeks to create a ripple effect by nurturing and developing a cohort of obstetric nephrology experts who can, in turn, train and educate future generations.

Develop essential reference material for trainers and faculty members

The ISN will provide standardized and evidence-based resources to facilitate teaching and learning and ensure reliable and accurate information for trainees worldwide.

Establish an international network of obstetric nephrology experts for future collaborative activities

The ISN intends to encourage research collaborations, clinical guideline development, and advancement in the field by fostering connections and facilitating knowledge-sharing among professionals from around the globe.

Ten participants have been selected to form the first cohort of the “Train the Trainer” program. An introductory session was held in June. Participants were encouraged to engage in the curriculum development, contributing their knowledge and perspectives to shape the program.

By nurturing a generation of experts, developing essential teaching resources, and fostering a global network, the ISN hopes to pave the way for improved care and outcomes for pregnant people with kidney disease.

Look out for more news on the progress of this initiative over the next few months.

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