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Enhancing Kidney Health in French-speaking Africa: ISN’s Collaborative Efforts in the DR Congo

Delegates and faculty at the 2ème Cours International de Nephrologie, Dialyse et Transplantation, and 1er Congrès de la Société Congolaise

In support of an agreement between the Société Francophone Néphrologie, Dialyse et Transplantation (SFNDT) and the ISN to enhance skills in French-speaking African countries, the ISN Continuing Medical Education Program contributed to the 2ème Cours International de Néphrologie, Dialyse et Transplantation Course and 1er Congrès de la Société Congolaise de Néphrologie. It also supported three speakers to travel to the Democratic Republic (DR) of the Congo: Michel Jadoul (Belgium), Thierry Lobbedez (France), and Stanislas Faguer (France).

The congress brought together diverse healthcare professionals, including pediatricians, biomedical engineers, and nurses. It also featured practical workshops, including one focused on catheter insertion.

According to Ernest Sumaili Kiswaya, one of the event organizers from the Cliniques Universitaires de Kinshasa, the meetings have helped raise awareness of the early detection and prevention of kidney diseases in front-line healthcare staff and other medical specialties.

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