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The 2023 ISN-GKHA: Shaping the Future of Kidney Health Worldwide – Access Region-specific Data and Use the Findings in Your Research

The 2023 ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA) is driving positive change in kidney care on a global scale, and you can play a role in this transformation!

Assessing global kidney care: ISN-GKHA’s comprehensive analysis for informed health policies

The ISN-GKHA is a comprehensive resource offering an overview of the current readiness, capacity, and competence for kidney care delivery across countries and ISN regions.

The main report with the survey findings has been publishedexplore the atlas here.

Share regional insights for tailored kidney care recommendations

These findings have also been carefully organized by ISN region, creating region-specific summary slides to help address the distinct challenges faced in different parts of the world.

Share these findings with colleagues, stakeholders and government officials to help shape legislation and education on kidney care.

Harness ISN-GKHA findings for your scientific research

These sub-papers reach beyond the academic sphere, making a real-world impact. There are currently over thirty ISN-GKHA-associated publications in progress, involving more than 160 ISN members from around the globe in collaboration with ISN Research leaders.

Watch webinars on the ISN-GKHA here.

Join the ranks of ISN members and use the ISN-GKHA findings as a cornerstone for your scientific research to actively contribute to advancing equitable kidney care.

Apply to join ISN supporting groups and committees here.

Join or renew your ISN membership here to access a world of opportunities toward improving kidney health worldwide.

Let’s work together to advance global kidney care!

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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