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Demystifying Global Kidney Trials: Providing Clear Explanations for All With a New ISN Patient-Focused Initiative

Discover the “ISN Global Kidney Trials Insights: A Guide for Everyone,” a new ISN initiative for people living with kidney diseases and others interested in kidney-related clinical trials.

The project intends to foster meaningful communication between patients and kidney care practitioners and increase patient participation in clinical trials.

Read the first study in the guide comparing two kinds of hemodialysis here.

The guide is based on the ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus (GTF) summaries. It aims to demystify clinical trials for the layperson, providing clear and accessible explanations of selected studies to improve awareness and understanding of the latest kidney health and care research.

The reviews will:

  • Improve understanding of how studies are conducted
  • Highlight possible problems or limitations with the results
  • Explain the real-life implications of the findings

Explore the Global Kidney Patient Organizations map here.

Read the Global Trials Focus summaries here.

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