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New! Narrated Animation on Complement System Dysregulation and Its Impact on the Kidney–Watch it Now!

The kidney is particularly susceptible to damage by complement. Activation of the complement system is tightly regulated by a series of soluble and membrane-bound proteins. Failure of these checking mechanisms is one of the major causes of complement-mediated kidney diseases.

Evidence of specific complement activity has been identified in several kidney diseases, including IgA nephropathy, C3 glomerulopathy, atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, and lupus nephritis.

A narrated animation shedding light on these processes has been added to the ISN Complement-Mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit.

The ISN developed the Complement-Mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit to raise awareness of these conditions and support clinicians in providing optimal patient care. The toolkit includes infographics, webinars, a podcast, a quiz, links to resources from KDIGO, and more.

Access the Complement-Mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit here.



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