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ISN Fellows are inspiring leadership in nephrology

The ISN Fellowship Program prides itself in training physicians from emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of helping them improve the standards of care on a regional level.

Since 1985, the ISN Fellowship Program has supported over 800 fellows from 90 countries. Our testimonies reveal how the program encourages professional fulfilment, ambition and aspiration, helping fellows become valuable leaders in their regions, sharing knowledge and advancing care.

A great story of leadership and mentorship is the journey of Vivekanand Jha, from The George Institute for Global Health (India) studied in Vikas Sukhatme’s laboratory at Harvard University. He is now ISN President.

He says: ‘Being an ISN Fellow allowed me to set up a basic science research laboratory in my home institution. Over the last 15 years, we have investigated questions relevant to our population, and contributed to capacity building in India. Global collaborations, developed through ISN Fellowship and Sister Renal Center programs, helped not only my own research, but also my younger colleagues.’

Rumeyza Kazancioglu, from Bezmialen Vakif University (Turkey) adds to this statement: ‘My ISN Fellowship came with great tutors at the right time and place and increased my belief in the clinical research field.’

She adds: ‘Sharing your experiences with those requiring it, feels really good.’ Now, Dr Kazancioglu is Chair of the ISN Regional Board, representing Eastern and Central Europe.

Francis F. Furia, from Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), dedicated more time to pediatric nephrology after his training. Secretary General of the Nephrology Society of Tanzania he plays a key role in advocacy for nephrology in the country.

Many are inspired to set up their own dialysis or transplant programs. After spending six months at Toronto Western Hospital, Shahrzad Ossareh from Iran University of Medical Sciences, Hasheminejad Kidney Center (Tehran) started a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis program at her local dialysis ward.Thanks to Yewondwossen Tadesse, Ethiopia now has a living donor kidney transplant program running since September 2015 with 75 transplants so far.

ISN Fellowships are part of the ISN Programs. Find more about applying and the next deadline for applications, HERE.

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