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New 2022 Mentorship Pairings in the ISN Mentorship Program – Online Workshop for 2021 Pairs

Mentor and mentee 2021 pairs sharing experiences at the virtual workshop in November

The ISN warmly congratulates and welcomes 34 successful new ISN Mentorship pairs.

The ISN Mentorship Program Advisory Group selected and matched these partnerships from the latest round of applications.

Find the complete list of mentorship pairs 2022 here.

These new mentors and mentees will focus on diverse areas of interest, including clinical research, scientific writing, hemodialysis, onconephrology, kidney transplantation, glomerular disease, and improvements in kidney care.

Newly matched pairs have organized introductory meetings to define mutually agreed objectives and action plans for their collaborations.

Meanwhile, pairs who joined the program at the end of 2021 shared experiences and achievements in a virtual workshop on November 17.

Mentees praised the valuable guidance they received from mentors to help them achieve their goals. Mentors stated that their coaching and leadership skills had improved through the collaborations.

After receiving feedback and direction from their mentors, mentees Dr. Sukanya Govindan (India) and Dr. Thanh Van Nguyen (Vietnam) successfully applied to the ISN Clinical Research Program and received funding for their project.

Would you like to join the mentorship program? Mentors can apply to the next round of applications until March 1, 2023. Mentees can apply until July 1, 2023. Find out more about the ISN Mentorship Program here.


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