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What’s on in February? Discover Upcoming ISN Endorsed Events–Find Out How to Elevate Your Event Through ISN Endorsement!

Discover all the benefits of ISN-endorsed meetings and how to apply here.

A recorded talk from ISN President Masaomi Nangaku will be broadcast at the event.

The ISN will be present at the ESNT in various capacities:

  • ISN Scientific Writing Course, February 11-13

The ISN will hold a Scientific Writing Course as a pre-congress course at the            ESNT congress.

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Sixteen participants from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya,              Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda will take part in the course.

  • 90-minute ISN Session, February 14, 10 a.m. local time:

– Giovanni Strippoli (Italy)

Uptaking Results of Hard Endpoint Trials in CKD”

– Rumeyza Kazancioglu (Turkey)

Shared Decision-making in Nephrology

– Zaghloul Gouda (Egypt)

Bridging the Gap In Early Detection of CKD in LMIC: Egyptian Experience

 – May Hassabala (Egypt)

“Registry In Egypt, the Stages We Went Through, Registries in Low and Middle-income Countries; What Else ESNT Requires From ISN”

– Cello Tonelli (Canada)

A talk on the ISN’s vision, mission, and strategic priorities

  • ISN booth

The ISN’s grants and education director will host the booth to showcase ISN initiatives and answer any questions you may have about its mission to advance equitable global kidney care.

The ISN endorses high-quality events within the kidney care community. Whether your event is big or small, if it addresses relevant topics in the region, it could qualify for our endorsement. Apply for ISN endorsement for enhanced visibility, scientific merit, and educational impact.

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