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Share Your Work, Engage With Peers, and Contribute to Advancing Kidney Care: Top Tips on How to Present Your Poster at WCN

The World Congress of Nephrology 2024 (WCN’24) is fast approaching! Congratulations if your poster has been accepted for presentation. Are you ready to present it?

Expert help is at hand! Jonathan Barratt, Nikolay Bulanov, Edgar Lerma, and Andrea Viecelli* explain what you need to know about presenting your poster at the congress.

Watch the Webinar “Winning Steps for a Successful WCN’24 Abstract Submission and Beyond” here.

We’ve condensed their foolproof advice below. However, be sure to tune in for the step-by-step PowerPoint tutorial, scientific poster template, and examples of good and bad posters!

Quick tips for starting out

Three key questions:

  • What is the standout feature of my study?
  • How can I visually present my results effectively?
  • What information can I convey in my talk to complement my poster?

Five qualities of an effective poster:

  • Clear content
  • Appealing layout and typography
  • Organized and well-constructed design
  • Concise message
  • Balanced text and graphics

Essential components of your poster design

Before you start:

Be mindful of the costs associated with printing posters on paper or cloth, and consider transportation logistics, such as airline restrictions and extra charges for oversized posters.

Familiarize yourself with conference-specific instructions for poster presentations, including formatting requirements, language preference, and time frames to display and remove posters.

  • Title and logo: Use a clear and informative title to attract attention, and include logos for funding agencies and institutions
  • Subheading: List contributing authors, affiliations, and contact details
  • Introduction: Briefly outline the background and goals of your study, emphasizing its novelty and relevance
  • Methods: Present the steps and techniques used in your project in a clear, chronological order, and include visual aids if possible
  • Results: Display key findings using graphs or tables accompanied by concise descriptions
  • Conclusion: Summarize the main takeaways of your study in a brief, easy-to-understand format
  • References and Acknowledgements: Include key sources and funding acknowledgments from collaborators and supporters

In addition, consider incorporating visual abstracts into your poster to make your content visually appealing and easily understandable.

We look forward to discovering your poster presentations at WCN’24! Register for the congress here.

*Andrea Viecelli and Nikolay Bulanov are Young Nephrologists Committee members. Jonathan Barratt is a Kidney International® editorial board member, and Edgar Lerma is an ISNeducation Social Media Team member.

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