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From Research Novice to Published Author: Achieve Your Goals With the ISN Mentorship Program – Apply as a Mentee by July 1 

Dr. Doreen Nanyunja (Uganda) was awarded 2nd place in the ISN Mentorship Abstract Award for her submission “Infectious Complications of Chronic Haemodialysis via Central Venous Catheters at a Tertiary Hospital in East Africa.”  

Read the full paper in the supplement to KI Reports on WCN’24 abstracts here 

This award recognizes the top three WCN’24 abstracts submitted by recent ISN mentees who have collaborated with mentors through the ISN Mentorship Program. 

Apply to the program as a mentee by July 1 here 

Before joining the Mentorship Program, Dr. Nanyunja described herself as “a research novice with limited skills in scientific writing.” She wanted to develop clinical research skills to create evidence-based guidelines and policies to enhance Uganda’s basic and clinical research capacity in nephrology. She sought a mentor through the ISN Mentorship Program to receive guidance on structuring and submitting clinical research papers. 

Learn more about Dr. Nanyunja here  

Over ten months, Dr. Nanyunja worked closely with ISN Mentor Dr. Yazied Chothia (South Africa). Together, they transformed her master’s dissertation into a research manuscript, which was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases 

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