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Elevating Women in Nephrology: The Impact of the ISN FISN Status

Last year, the ISN launched the Fellow of the International Society of Nephrology (FISN) status for ISN members who have demonstrated outstanding professional accomplishments in research, service, teaching, or through their other contributions to the nephrology specialty.

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As we prepare to open the application period for ISN FISN recognition this year, we shine a spotlight on women awardees who are making remarkable contributions to kidney care.

Opening doors to improved kidney care

Joyce Rosario Asis Matoza-Serna (Philippines) has been practicing nephrology for fifteen years. Beyond her clinical practice, she shares her expertise as an educator in academic and teaching hospitals while actively contributing as a researcher. As a devoted wife and mother, she balances multiple roles.

Dr. Matoza-Serna notes that ISN FISN recognition has opened doors for her to collaborate with local government bodies to help improve kidney health and make other kidney replacement therapies available in her region. She recently partnered with local health and non-governmental organizations, serving as a speaker and adviser during Kidney Month, World Kidney Day, and regional renal disease control programs.

She comments, “The ISN is doing its part to empower women and promote gender equity: ISN FISN status helps boost the careers of women nephrologists and can lead to greater opportunities to shape kidney care in the community.”

Sharing the spotlight

Urmila Anandh (India) has over 25 years experience in medecine. She is head of the Department of Nephrology at the Amrita Hospital, Faridabad. She comments:

Women often shy away from applying for awards and recognition because of their social upbringing. They don’t seek. This often leads to the belief that women are not at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific research.

The ISN is aware of this situation and has devised many initiatives and programs to encourage inclusivity. They instituted the FISN status for ISN members last year. The award validates your work globally and gives you a platform to interact with other leaders in nephrology. This further provides the recipient with many opportunities and avenues to improve their nephrology careers.

One way to address the gender discrepancy in professional awards is to have mentors encourage their young female peers and colleagues to apply for awards and leadership positions. As one of the first women recipients of FISN, I firmly believe that many of my colleagues worldwide are worthy of this recognition. I urge you all to consider applying for this coveted award seriously.”

The importance of peer recognition

Joyce Popoola (United Kingdom) is a consultant nephrologist and honorary senior lecturer at St George’s Hospital in London, UK, specializing in transplantation immunology, renal disease in pregnancy, and pediatric to adult transitions. She comments:

“Being one of the first-ever recipients of the prestigious fellowship in recognition of my work in transplantation and young adults with renal disease is a great honor. The award went a huge way in validating the work I have been doing over the years and made me realize just how impactful it has been on both the national and international stage. Expert peer recognition is not only encouraging but also invaluable to self-esteem.”

Fueling passion for pediatric nephrology

Kalaivani Ganesan (India) is department head and senior consultant in the Pediatric Nephrology Department at Dr. Mehta’s Hospital in India. She says,

“Receiving the prestigious FISN award is a delightful recognition of my dedication to pediatric nephrology, especially as a female practitioner from a developing country like India.

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently maintained a high patient satisfaction score. However, this acknowledgment from ISN holds a special place in my heart and motivates me to contribute even more to the kidney care community. The FISN status enhances my qualifications and boosts my confidence.

Being affiliated with ISN is a significant catalyst for advancing one’s career on the international stage. It’s a tremendous honor to be a part of the ISN community, and I am sincerely grateful to ISN for the FISN recognition.”

Reach for global recognition: Apply for ISN FISN status

Join the movement to empower women in kidney care by applying for ISN FISN status. Experience global recognition, network with industry leaders, and unlock countless opportunities to enhance your professional life. Make your mark on kidney health and inspire others to do the same – apply for ISN FISN status today!

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