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“It’s a Patients’ Platform,” Dr. Jeyakumar Meyyappan on Why Winning the 2022 ISN Community Film Event Beats His Other Awards

ISN staff caught up with Dr. Jeyakumar Meyyappan (India), winner of the 2022 ISN Community Film.

Watch the video interview here.

According to Dr. Meyyappan, there is a severe shortage of deceased donors for organ transplantation in India, partly due to cultural and religious beliefs. He wanted to raise awareness of the need for organ donation through the experience of Mr. Saad Ahmad Khan, who has been waiting for over a decade for a kidney transplant.

Dr. Meyyappan said he was inspired by Mr. Khan, who displays cheerful resilience despite his difficult circumstances.

Watch the 2022 winning film here.

Dr. Meyyappan praised the ISN Film Event as a “Patients’ Platform,” providing a channel for people with kidney diseases to express their feelings.

He says that winning the ISN film competition has created the momentum to continue awareness-raising initiatives on organ donation in India. When asked how it felt to win, he replied, “It’s given me a very special feeling…it is much more than winning any scientific abstract award.”

Dr. Meyyappan thanked the ISN for providing a platform to communicate important issues. He encourages others to identify kidney health issues in their region and share a related story from one of their patients with the ISN Community Film Event.

Find everything you need to know about submitting your film here.

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