May 08, 2023

Kidney International Publishes ISN Paper on Implementing Early CKD Detection Programs
As the global burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) rises, “Perspectives on Early Detection of CKD: The Facts, the Questions, and a Proposed Framework for 2023 and Beyond” presents timely information from ISN leaders on early CKD detection and a framework for adoption.
Read the paper in Kidney International here.
“The World Is a Very Different Place for Nephrology Nurses”: The ISN Kidney Health Professionals Working Group on Post-Global Pandemic Working Conditions for Nurses
In anticipation of International Nurses Day on Friday, May 12, the ISN’s Kidney Health Professionals Working Group shares an in-depth examination of the worldwide post-SARS-CoV-2 pandemic landscape for nephrology nurses.
Seeking Your Nominations for the ISN 2024 Awards!
It’s time to nominate friends and colleagues whose work deserves international recognition. Are you an ISN member? You can support global excellence in kidney care by submitting a nomination for an ISN Award!
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From One Part-time Nephrologist to a Thriving Kidney Care Team - The Remarkable Impact of the ISN SRC Program on a Healthcare Center in China
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Explore the ISN Global Trials Focus Selection for April Featuring 'Trial of the Month' on Hydrochlorothiazide and Prevention of Kidney Stone Recurrence
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Listen to the Global Kidney Care Podcast on the Revolutionary Dual-Transplant Approach Developed by Doctors at Stanford Medicine
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First Consensus Meeting on Guidance for Pre-clinical Animal Studies in Translational Nephrology (TRANSFORM)
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ISN Africa Regional Board Webinar:
Pregnancy-related, Community-acquired and Disaster-related AKI in Africa
Improving and Maintaining Quality of Hemodialysis in Areas Affected by War: A Call to Action
In this “Nephrologists Sans Frontières” section of KI, Alasfar and colleagues discuss the long-term implications of the Syrian war on the delivery of renal replacement therapy in affected regions.
They propose several strategies to manage the situation, including creativity in delivering medical care, and flexibility in utilizing human resources. 
Describing Natural History and Exploring Risk Factors for Kidney Function Decline in Persons With CKD of Uncertain Etiology in Sri Lanka
The authors initiated the Kidney Progression Project (KiPP) to follow 292 persons with a “Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration” estimated glomerular filtration rate of 20 to 60 ml/min per 1.73 m2 living in areas with high levels of chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology.
The overall rate of kidney function decline was slow in this cohort. The authors suggest further etiologic investigations focusing on specific locations and water use.
Randomized Controlled Trial of Difelikefalin for Chronic Pruritus in Hemodialysis Patients
In a randomized trial in patients with chronic pruritus and hemodialysis, difelikefalin significantly reduced pruritus symptoms after two months of treatment. An accompanying commentary discusses the promise of this novel kappa opioid receptor agonist in treating pruritus in hemodialysis patients.