July 05, 2021


Build a Mutual Learning Partnership: Apply to Become an ISN Mentor

The ISN is relaunching its Mentorship Program, an initiative to foster mutually beneficial learning partnerships in kidney care.
The program has expanded to include ISN members worldwide and is now open to associate healthcare professionals, as well as physicians.

We are currently welcoming applications from mentors:

Mentors can apply year-round, and applications for mentees open twice a year in March and September.

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WCN'22 Call for Abstracts - Present and Share Your Research

Submitting abstracts to WCN'22 offers you the chance to present on and exchange the latest in kidney-related research, boosting its progress and reach.
Upload your abstract to share your work at one of the largest nephrology meetings and raise your profile within the kidney community.

If accepted, the WCN will present your work as part of the congress program through:

  • A digital poster in the congress poster area
  • An audio recording of your abstract presentation
  • Publication in the WCN'22 Supplement to Kidney International Reports

Questions and feedback from congress delegates will be delivered straight to your inbox.

Submission is free for residents of low-income countries, as defined here.

Start preparing your submission now - the abstract submission deadline is September 22, 2021.

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Celebrating ISN Collective-Member Societies:
The Indonesian Society of Nephrology

As part of ISN's current focus on Collective-Member Societies in the ISN Oceania and South East Asia region, we spoke to the President of the Indonesian Society of Nephrology (InaSN, known locally as Perhimpunan Nefrologi Indonesia: PERNEFRI), Dr. Aida Lydia Sutranto, about celebrating World Kidney Day (WKD) under pandemic conditions.
PERNEFRI organized a World Kidney Day Press Conference, inviting stakeholders to discuss the current kidney health situation and management in Indonesia. The Ministry of Health, National Health Insurance BPJS Kesehatan, the Indonesian Society of Dialysis Nurses, and the National Kidney Foundation were all present to discuss the challenges of providing kidney care and promoting increased life satisfaction for CKD patients.

ISN Participates


ISN Joint Session and Talks at the the MSN and CAST Congresses 2021

The 36th Congress of the Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN), ‘Strengthening the Basics, Embracing Advances in Nephrology,’ will take place virtually from July 23-24, 2021.

The MSN is an ISN Collective-Member Society and will co-host WCN'22 alongside the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology.
The congress will be held in conjunction with the virtual 17th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation (CAST 2021) from July 25-28, 2021. ISN leaders will hold a joint session with MSN and present several talks throughout both congresses.



ISN 2021 Pioneer Award for Latin America Presented at SLANH 2021

ISN President Agnes Fogo and former Regional Board Chair Walter Douthat presented Pablo Ulises Massari with the 2021 ISN Pioneer Award for the Latin America region during the XIX SLANH Congress 2021 on June 24.

Dr. Massari is an exemplary physician-scientist who has significantly impacted nephrology in Latin America. He has contributed extensively to ISN initiatives through his roles in several committees. His professional interests are kidney transplant and its immunologic mechanisms, glomerular diseases, global health policies on kidney disease, and nephrology education and training.

The ISN congratulates Dr. Massari on his award and thanks him for his dedicated contribution to advancing nephrology.


Inspired by a Colleague? Nominate Them to Receive an ISN 2022 Award

Is someone working alongside you making an impact in kidney care or research?

As an ISN member, you can honor and reward those making a dedicated effort to advance nephrology within your network by nominating them for the following awards:
Nominations are open until August 27, 2021.

Who received the ISN 2021 Awards? Discover the recipients and their work here.

Send all nominations, supporting materials, and questions to the ISN Awards Coordinator.

Award winners will be recognized at the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2022, from February 24-27, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




Raising Awareness Through Inspiring Tales of Resilience: The ISN Community Film Event

Relating personal stories of kidney health challenges and the resilience needed to face them raises awareness of the impact of poor kidney health on patients and their families and accentuates the necessity of equitable access to life-saving treatment.
The ISN is currently inviting members to film an account of people living with or treating kidney diseases.

Last year, we received dozens of inspiring stories. Watch the 2021 finalists here.

The deadline for submissions is December 8, 2021.




ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus: June 2021

Every month the ISN-ACT Team lists interesting new randomized controlled trials (RCTs) from around the world.


A summary of the highlighted trial is available in French, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.
See the latest trials here.

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Past ISN Fellow Helps Initiate Kidney Transplant Program in Egypt

Dr. Ali Shendi, a former ISN Fellow, has helped initiate a kidney transplant program in Zagazig University Hospital in Egypt.

The center performed a first kidney transplant in late 2020 and carried out a second successful transplant in May this year. Dr. Shendi commented, "This represents the great success of my fellowship. Despite all the challenges, we established a team and set the logistics to start our program - huge progress in nephrology practice in our area."

Dr. Shendi, now Assistant Professor of Nephrology at Zagazig, undertook an ISN Fellowship at the UCL Department of Renal Medicine, London, supervised by Clinical Associate Professor Mark Harber from 2014-2015.

Have you improved kidney health in your region since returning home from an ISN Fellowship? Send your story to


Saving Young Lives Continues AKI Training with Online Workshop

The Saving Young Lives (SYL) Project hosted its first online acute kidney injury (AKI) workshop on May 4 with 45 attendees from across Africa and Asia.

The two-hour workshop began with lectures on AKI pathogenesis and non-dialytic management and peritoneal dialysis for AKI in children and adults. Participants then engaged in interactive AKI case-study sessions in smaller groups led by SYL facilitators.

The SYL Project plans to organize additional virtual workshops in the future to continue facilitating AKI care in low-income countries during the pandemic.




Access and Share the WCN'21 Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Symposium

The Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Symposium held three didactic sessions at WCN'21, in collaboration with the Global Renal Exercise Network (GREX), on dialysis challenges, renal nutrition, and improving self-management of kidney disease.
These sessions are now available on-demand and free of charge on the ISN Academy.

All ISN members are encouraged to circulate this content among nursing and other allied health professional colleagues. The material provides an ideal basis for broadcast in small lunchtime training sessions within health centers.

Read more here.


Explore the ISN - KDIGO CKD Early Identification and Intervention Toolkit

Access user-friendly guides, infographics, teaching tools, articles, and webinars to support the early identification and intervention of chronic kidney diseases.

Additional open-access tools coming soon, including regional-specific materials, PCP- and AHP- specific materials, and a podcast.

Upcoming Webinar

Monday, July 5, 4 p.m. CEST

ISN-SEN Webinar:
Síndrome CardioRenal: Más Allá de la Creatinina (in Spanish)

Speakers: Maria Dolores Salmerón Rodriguez, Spain
Marco Montomoli, Spain
Moderator: Gregorio Romero-Gonzalez, Spain

Recorded Webinar

ISN-KDIGO Webinar:
Central and Peripheral Arterial Diseases in CKD




Emphasis on Advancing Kidney Health Through EU Funding Programs and Partnerships at the Annual European Kidney Forum

The ISN’s partner, the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA), alongside the MEP Group for Kidney Health, held its annual European Kidney Forum on June 18, bringing together high-level stakeholders to discuss concrete policies to benefit kidney patients in Europe.

This year’s forum, Unmet needs & challenges in access to treatments in Europe: the case of Chronic Kidney Disease,” was organized as part of EKHA’s Decade of the Kidney™ campaign.

The EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, who introduced the forum, flagged the importance of tackling risk factors like diabetes and hypertension and following a “patient-centered approach” to prevent kidney disease. She also referenced the EU4Health and Horizon Europe funding programs as potential avenues to advance kidney health.

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Kidney International (KI) on COVID-19


Kidney International Reports (KIR) on COVID-19


Kidney International Editorial Selection


Use of Peritoneal Dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City: A Multicenter Observational Study

This multicenter, retrospective, observational study of 94 patients who received acute PD in New York City in the spring of 2020 set out to
demonstrate the feasibility of acute peritoneal dialysis for acute kidney injury during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results indicated that male sex and mechanical ventilation on admission were significant predictors of mortality. The authors concluded that rapid implementation of an acute PD program was feasible despite resource constraints and could be lifesaving during similar crises.


Kidney International Reports Editorial Selections


Long Term Renal Outcomes in Children with Acute Kidney Injury Post-Cardiac Surgery


Recalibration of the Renal Angina Index for Pediatric Septic Shock

Two related investigations focus on children with AKI; one study examines long-term outcomes, while the second observes the efficacy of the renal angina index (RAI) to predict severe AKI.

A commentary on these papers discusses a recent shift in the AKI paradigm to improve understanding of risk stratification, disease-specific phenotypes, and incorporating novel biomarkers to optimize clinical care and outcomes in this patient population.