May 23, 2022

Outstanding Development of Kidney Care Center in South America Through the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program
From a small division with two nephrologists to a thriving center of reference in the region - find out how a health center in Bolivia expanded through an ISN-SRC partnership.
A New Technique for Preserving Kidney Grafts
On March 20, 2022, two kidneys donated after circulatory death were successfully transplanted by the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Belgium after they had been stored using an innovative method for preserving kidney grafts using oxygen.
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Read First-hand Accounts from People Living with Kidney Diseases: ISN Kidney Care Ambassadors
Discover the Newly-launched Complement-mediated Kidney Diseases Toolkit
Co-chair Raja Ramachandran Presents Day Two of the Scientific Program for the Upcoming Frontiers Meeting in Bergamo
Share Your Research and Advance Your Career: Prepare Your WCN'23 Abstract Submission
#Worldkidneyday Reaches 526 Million People on Social Media: Explore and Share the WKD 2022 Impact Report
Key Takeaways and Full Report: Review the Newly Published ISN Global Kidney Policy Forum 2022
Read the Latest Newsletter from the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group:
New Members, Transplantation Webinar, and more
Discover Highlights from the iNET-CKD Webinar on Building a Cohort Study
Ten Participants Receive Expert Guidance at the Ongoing ISN Online Scientific Writing Course
The ISN Online Scientific Writing Course, cohosted by Sociedad Latinoamericana de Nefrología e Hipertensión (SLANH), is currently holding its second edition, running live sessions on each of the four Saturdays in May.
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ISN Participates in Asia: Explore the Line-Up
Tuesday, May 24 I 3 p.m. CEST
Grand Rounds in Pediatric Nephrology - an ISN-IPNA Sister Centers Initiative:
Resistant Hypertension in Children on Dialysis
Thuesday, May 26 I 3 p.m. CEST
ISN North and East Asia Regional Board Webinar:
Genetic and Clinical Characteristic of IgA Nephropathy in Asia - Implications on Therapeutic Strategies
ISN Webinar:
Developments in Managing DKD - How Does it Look in Practice?
This webinar is open-access and supported by an unrestricted educational grant from
Kidney International on COVID-19
A Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term SARS-Cov-2-specific Adaptive Immune Memory in Convalescent COVID-19 Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
Antibody Responses to Two Doses of mRNA Covid Vaccine in Pediatric Renal Patients
A Fourth Dose of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Improves Serum Neutralization Against the Delta Variant in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Concurrent Vaccination of Kidney Transplant Recipients and Close Household Cohabitants against COVID-19
Watch the Latest ISN Video Abstract on Clinical Outcomes from the ADMIRAL study 
The latest episode in the ISN Video Abstract Series from the @ISNeducation Social Media Team presents the Kidney International paper, “Clinical Outcomes from the Assessing Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Monitoring Insights of Kidney Allografts with Longitudinal Surveillance (ADMIRAL) Study.” 
Americentrism in Estimation of Glomerular Filtration Rate Equations
This editorial debates the impact of modifications designed to minimize biases when applying equations to Black Americans living in the United States on people and groups of Black African ancestry residing elsewhere in the world.
Mixed-methods Research in Nephrology
This review analyzes three combinable core mixed-methods designs: explanatory sequential, exploratory sequential, and convergent parallel. The relevance of these study designs to kidney research questions is discussed also.
Educational Attainment is Associated with Kidney and Cardiovascular Outcomes in the German CKD (GCKD) Cohort
According to the study, lifestyle habits and biomarkers mediate associations between low educational attainment and mortality. Recognizing this link is important to optimize CKD patient care and improve prognosis.