April 4, 2023

Meet the New ISN Leaders
The ISN warmly welcomes the incoming President, Masaomi Nangaku and the 2023-25 ISN executive committee and council.
Left: Immediate Past President Agnes Fogo passes the gavel to Masaomi Nangaku at WCN'23
Kidney International Publishes ISN First Consensus Guidance for Pre-clinical Animal Studies in Translational Nephrology
The paper draws on conclusions from the First Consensus Meeting on Guidance for Optimal Pre-clinical Animal Studies in Translational Nephrology (TRANSFORM) hosted by the ISN last year.
The recommendations are designed to accelerate the development of new drugs to effectively treat kidney diseases and improve the prognosis and quality of life for people living with them.
Leading Kidney Transplant Protocols in the Philippines Through the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program: Find Out More About the Recent Graduate Pair
An ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers (STC) partnership between the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) Kidney Transplant Unit in the Philippines and the University of Barcelona (UB) in Spain achieved outstanding results through the STC partnership, with the SPMC increasing their rate of kidney transplants by 200%.
Dr. Bad-ang, from the SPMC, comments, “We are extremely thankful for the support provided by the ISN over the last seven years. The funding has been crucial in developing the kidney care initiatives and achieving our objectives.”
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First Ultrasound-guided Kidney Biopsies in Cuba: One Way ISN Interventional Nephrology Training Has Helped Improve Local Kidney Care
ISN Members - Are You Making the Most of What's On Offer? Explore the ISN’s Specialized Fellowship Options and Apply by May 1
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From Neglected NCD to Priority Issue: Accelerating Action on Kidney Disease -
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ISN Past President Presents Online at the 2023 Renal Pathology Conference in Beijing, China
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Grand Rounds in Pediatric Nephrology - an ISN-IPNA Sister Centers Initiative:
Approach to Treating Lupus Nephritis in Children
P32: A Sex- and Gender-sensitive Model for Evidence-based Precision Medicine - From Knowledge Generation to Implementation in the Field of Kidney Transplantation
The authors propose a new evidence-based precision medicine framework - the P32 model, which considers individual sex- and gender-related domains and their intersection with ethnicity, geography, and other demographic and social variables.
The model aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion principles to increase the reproducibility of research and ensure social impact.
Association Between Chronic Kidney Disease and Major Hemorrhage in Older Persons: Data From the Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly Randomized Trial
Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that CKD is independently associated with an increased risk of major hemorrhage in older adults.
Endemic Rise in Cases of Acute Kidney Injury in Children in Indonesia and Gambia: What is the Likely Culprit and Why?
This report sheds light on the sudden rise in acute kidney injury cases in Indonesia and Gambia. The increase has been linked to poor quality control in manufacturing syrup medications for coughs and colds.
Pregnancy-related Acute Kidney Injury: A Tertiary Care Hospital Experience in Somaliland
This study addresses the prevalence, etiology, and presentation of pregnancy-related acute kidney injury (PRAKI) and fetal and maternal outcomes in Somaliland's only tertiary care center.
According to the study, the most common causes of PRAKI were obstetric complications and pregnancy-specific disorders. The pattern of maternal deaths in the area differs significantly from that of more industrialized nations.