February 08, 2022


Obituary: Jan Weening 1950 - 2022

The ISN is deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Jan Weening.
Dr. Weening served as ISN secretary-general in the late nineties and president of the ISN from 2003 to 2005; he was the first pathologist to serve in this role.
Dr. Weening focused his leadership on increasing support for investment in science and education and making the most effective use of scarce resources to address the kidney disease epidemic. He also emphasized the need to work toward a fair and safe world where good health care and education are accessible to all.
Dr. Weening made significant contributions in pathology and nephrology. Scientifically he focused on glomerulonephritis and led the process of convening the group to revise the WHO lupus nephritis classification to create the ISN/RPS lupus nephritis classification.
In harmony with his wishes, Dr. Weening donated his kidneys for transplantation.
The ISN offers sincere condolences to Dr. Weening's family, colleagues, and friends.

Announcing the Recipients of the ISN 2022 Awards

Please join us in congratulating this year’s recipients of the Jean Hamburger Award, the Bywaters Award, and the Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for Advancement in the Understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Nominated by ISN members and selected by the ISN Awards Committee and Lillian Jean Kaplan Prize Advisory Committee, the ISN is pleased to announce the deserved 2022 awardees, honored for their commitment to kidney care:

Dr. Ananth Karumanchi:
Winner of the Jean Hamburger Award

Dr. Hamid Rabb:
Winner of the Bywaters Award

Dr. Alessandra Boletta and Dr. Albert Ong:
Winners of the Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize
Award winners will be recognized at the hybrid ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2022 (WCN'22), February 24-27, 2022, and will feature in the ISN Awards Gallery.
The Lillian Jean Kaplan 2022 prize winners will present scientific talks at the WCN'22 Lillian Jean Kaplan Prize session on Sunday, February 27, 2022, 12:30-1:30 a.m. MYT (Saturday, February 26, 2022, 5.30-6.30 p.m. CET).

Is Your ISN Membership Profile Up-to-Date? Stay Connected

When you have an up-to-date ISN membership profile, your colleagues in the international nephrology community can easily find you in the online directory on the membership portal, not only by name and country but also through shared interests and specialty areas. This is especially useful as your network throughout the year and at WCN'22 next month.
The ISN invites all its members to complete their membership profiles. Members who complete all sections of their profile by the end of February will automatically be entered into a raffle with the chance of winning one of five free annual memberships for one year!*
Find short videos to help you navigate your personal profile page on the ISN membership FAQ page.
The information in the membership portal also enables the ISN to continually improve and upgrade the services it offers to its members.
*This offer applies to ISN Full Individual or Associate memberships.



Countdown to the Congress: WCN'22 Takes Place in Two Weeks - See You There!

Thousands of your colleagues, from over 119 countries, have already registered for the World Congress of Nephrology 2022 (WCN'22).
In addition to the full scientific program taking place virtually, the Malaysian kidney care community will be able to attend in-person sessions and activities. All content will be broadcast on the virtual platform and available on-demand.
Join this global community for an outstanding program, the chance to renew and forge new associations, and contribute to the worldwide advancement of kidney care.

Coming Soon - Your Pre-Congress Preview

Look out for the latest pre-congress newsletter in your inbox next week, featuring sneak previews of prominent WCN’22 speakers outlining a compelling range of scientific topics:
  • Brenda Hemmelgarn on shared decision-making to treat chronic kidney disease
  • Lydia Kamaruzaman on improving kidney function testing 
  • Frances Mortimer on sustainable kidney care
  • Kar Hui Ng on the genetic causes of kidney disease in Asia 
  • Katalin Susztak on genetic markers for inflammation and fibrosis in kidney disease 
  • Esther Tan on setting up urgent-start peritoneal dialysis programs
The newsletter will also feature sections on how to best maximize WCN’22 platform features, along with updates on industry symposia, social media, advocacy, and young nephrologist activities taking place during the congress.

Get to Know a Selection of WCN'22 Speakers Through a Series of Video Interviews

Watch the WCN'22 speaker video interviews to find out why these health care practitioners chose their professions and get a sneak preview of the topics they will present at the congress.
The videos are presented in either Arabic, English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

The WCN'22 Industry Program Is Now Available!

The ISN invites you to explore the program of industry symposia sessions taking place at WCN'22.
Discover the industry sessions here.
Sessions are open-access and available online or in-person at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia.

Your Choice Counts: Watch the Finalists in the ISN Community Film Event and Vote for the Winner

Watch the shortlisted films and cast your vote!
The deadline to cast a vote in the 2022 ISN Community Best Film is February 26.
From a game-changing service providing nocturnal hemodialysis in a home-training dialysis unit in Australia to international workshops benefitting young people living with Alport Syndrome in the UK, these films present the challenging realities facing kidney disease patients.
Touching, motivating, and sometimes surprising, these films all have the power to improve the lives of patients worldwide as they help raise awareness of kidney health issues.
Which of these seven films will win the “2022 ISN Film Community Best Film”? Your vote will help decide the outcome!
The winner will be announced and awarded during the ISN World Congress of Nephrology 2022.

One Week Remaining to Share Your Work at the ISN Frontiers Meeting in Bergamo, Italy: Submit an Abstract Before February 16

The ISN Frontiers Meeting, ‘Complement-related kidney diseases: classification, genetics, and treatment,' offers researchers a rare opportunity to showcase their work on this specialty topic and raise their profile in the field.
Share and present your research to clinicians, scientists, academics, and general practitioners from around the world.
Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters and published in Kidney International Reports. A limited number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentations at the ISN Frontiers Meeting in Bergamo.
The deadline for abstract submissions and travel grant applications is February 16, 2022.  
Find more information on this ISN Frontiers meeting here.
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The ISN Welcomes Six Newly-Formed Partnerships into the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program

The SRC Committee is pleased to announce that six new partnerships have been accepted into the Sister Renal Centers (SRC) Program. The partnerships were selected based on the potential to support the emerging center to become a center of reference for kidney health in the region.
In addition, the ISN is happy to report that three partnerships have successfully graduated from the SRC Program, having completed all three levels of the program over six years of collaboration.
Please join us in congratulating these SRC pairs for establishing robust kidney care services in low-resource regions despite significant pandemic-related challenges during the collaboration.

Introducing Fifteen New ISN Fellows

Please join us in congratulating thirteen new ISN Fellows and two new IACN-ISN-HKSN Scholars selected from the latest round of applications.
The next deadline for the Fellowship Program is May 1, 2022. Find out more here or email for additional information.

Meet Hamze Ibrahim Rage, the 2022 Detlef Schlöndorff ISN Fellow

The ISN congratulates and welcomes Hamze Ibrahim Rage, this year’s Detlef Schlöndorff ISN Fellowship recipient. His training is supported by the Detlef Schlöndorff Fellowship Fund.
Hamze, from Hargeisa Group Hospital in Somalia, will train at the University of Cape Town Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa, an ISN Regional Training Center. When he returns to Somalia after training, he will be one of the first nephrologists in the country, where he hopes to set up peritoneal dialysis and kidney biopsy services.
The ISN thanks all contributors to this fund.



#ShowYourKidneys and Encourage Your Patients to Show Theirs!

World Kidney Day (WKD) has launched a new social media challenge, #ShowYourKidneys.
The online challenge, part of ongoing activities to mark WKD 2022, highlights where kidneys are in the body and what they do.
World Kidney Day social media platforms will share all photos tagged @worldkidneyday.
The ISN encourages all health care providers to take part and share this initiative with their patients. Discover and use all WKD resources here.

New Research Paper Highlights Significance of CKD as a Public Health Problem

The paper “Mortality and Resource Use Among Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease or Cancer in Alberta, Canada, 2004-2015” was published in JAMA Network Open on January 25.
The research for the paper was led by Marcello Tonelli, iNET-CKD, i3C, and ISN-ACT Networks member. Aiming to support chronic kidney disease (CKD) advocacy efforts, this cohort study compares the clinical consequences associated with severe CKD to those associated with cancer.
The findings demonstrate that the risk of mortality and other outcomes for CKD are comparable to those for patients with non-metastatic cancer, highlighting the importance of CKD as a public health issue.

“Are Your Kidneys Healthy?” Quiz Now Available in 12 Languages, Including Amharic

Almost 60, 000 people have taken the ISN “Are Your Kidneys Healthy?” quiz since it launched less than a year ago.
Take the quiz to find out if your kidneys are healthy.
Last week the quiz was added in Amharic, alongside the already available Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, increasing the number of languages to 12.
This year, the ISN hopes to reach even more people by including additional languages - look out for Slovenian and Bengali versions coming soon!  If you'd like to add your language to the quiz site, please contact Monica Moorthy at



Do You Follow the Monthly ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus List? Discover it Now and Welcome Its New Leadership

The ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus (GTF) is a monthly list identifying and summarizing recent interesting trials relevant to kidney disease.
Interest in the GTF is constantly increasing, prompting exchange and discussions on recent developments in kidney health research. Under Brendan Smyth's leadership as GTF coordinator, the initiative expanded to provide young nephrologists with the chance to collaborate on each edition. Clinical trials are now highlighted in additional languages: French, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.
Brendan Smyth is now handing his role as lead coordinator to Michele Provenzano, and Meg Jardine will shortly replace current ISN-ACT chair, David Wheeler. The ISN greatly thanks Brendan and David for their tireless involvement in building on this initiative to expand GTF contributors and increase its circulation. We look forward to seeing the continued development of global trials under this new leadership.
The ISN is also pleased to welcome Mohamed Elrggal to the GTF team to expand its social media reach.



Follow the Anemia of Renal Disease Online Curriculum on the ISN Academy

The ‘Anemia of Renal Disease’ curriculum is accessible to all on the ISN Academy.
Explore the curriculum here.
The curriculum is creatively designed using mixed media, including three originally produced voice-over animations, charts, graphs, and self-guided questions to engage students and facilitate learning.
The course covers the pathophysiology of renal disease along with the clinical trials guiding current management guidelines:
  • Definition and epidemiology of renal anemia
  • Pathophysiology of renal anemia
  • Mechanisms of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents
  • Trials of renal anemia
  • Iron metabolism
  • Iron formulations
  • Novel and future therapies, including HIF-stabilizers
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Upcoming Webinar

Thursday , February 17, 7 p.m. CET

ISN i3C Webinar:
Challenges and Opportunities for Interventions in CKDu

Speakers: Nishantha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka
Jason Glacer, USA
Brendan Smyth, Australia
Moderator: Shuchi Anand, USA

Recorded Webinar

WIT-TTS-ISN Webinar:
Sex and Gender Research - Beyond the Horizon




Kidney International on COVID-19


Kidney International Reports on COVID-19




Watch the Latest ISN Video Abstract on the Therapeutic Role of MG53 in Kidney Inflammation

Watch the latest video abstract here.
This episode presents the Kidney International paper:
Cell Membrane Repair Protein MG53 Modulates Transcription Factor NF-Κb Signaling to Control Kidney Fibrosis
Discover more video abstracts on the ISN Academy.
The ISN Video Abstract Series is an initiative by the @ISNeducation Social Media Team showcasing key articles from ISN Journals on social media platforms.

Kidney International Editorial Selections


Urine, Doctors, and the Acanthocyte's 30th Birthday

This editorial marks the acanthocyte's 30th birthday. In 1991, Kidney International published a foundational article naming the peculiarly shaped erythrocytes in the urine as “acanthocytes” and was the first to study systematically acanthocyturia to help diagnose glomerular disease.
The editorial presents a history of the study of urine to find a diagnosis in people with kidney diseases and the doctors who reported erythrocytes in their research.
The authors encourage hands-on microscopy of urine sediment as a fast and effective procedure to inform the choice of treatment in an emergency.

Uremic Encephalopathy

This article presents a review of the symptoms and causes of uremic encephalopathy and the difficulties associated with its diagnosis.
The authors suggest kidney replacement therapy as a possibility to improve symptoms and more research on uremic retention solutes and neurological symptoms to better understand this syndrome and develop treatments to improve cognitive function.

Kidney International Reports Editorial Selection


Implantable Loop Recorder Monitoring and the Incidence of Previously Unrecognized Atrial Fibrillation in Hemodialysis Patients

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is common in patients with kidney failure on hemodialysis. On behalf of the Monitoring in Dialysis Investigators and Committees, the authors determined its incidence in 59 patients without previously diagnosed AF.
Using implantable loop recorder monitoring, atrial fibrillation was detected in one-third of patients with kidney failure on hemodialysis.
A commentary by Law and colleagues at the University of Melbourne, Australia, discusses the clinical importance of detecting asymptomatic atrial fibrillation.