Feb 05, 2024

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ISN members - use code CKDISN10 to get a 10% discount when you register for the 6th CKD Drug Development Summit
Demystifying Global Kidney Trials: Providing Clear Explanations for All With a New ISN Patient-Focused Initiative
The "ISN Global Kidney Trials Insights: A Guide for Everyone" provides clear and accessible explanations of clinical trials for laypeople to improve awareness and understanding of the latest kidney health and care research.    
Global Expansion: ISN Designates Ten New Interventional Nephrology Training Centers, Elevating Skills in Critical Procedures and Ultrasound Technology
This expanded network of Interventional Nephrology Training Centers will provide training in central venous and peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion, kidney biopsy, endovascular procedures, and a new addition this year–nephrology point-of-care ultrasound.
Podcast, Accredited Courses, Collaborative Case Presentations, and Open-Access Curricula: Explore Latest Releases at the ISN Academy Now!
Brand new content on the ISN Academy to enhance your knowledge and skills, ensuring you keep up with the latest advances in kidney care.
"An Essential Advocacy Tool That Young Nephrologists Should Wholeheartedly Endorse": Yannick Nlandu on the ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA)
YNC member and ISN-GKHA Named Fellow Yannick Nlandu, who worked as a contributor on the ISN-GKHA atlas, discusses what it reveals and why it's important.
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