Dec 11, 2023

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Beyond Blood Sugar: Ele Ferrannini on the Basis for the Transformative Power of SGLT2 Inhibitors for Kidney Disease Management at WCN’24
Ele Ferrannini will present the plenary, "Insights Into SGLT2 Inhibitors: A Story of Discovery," at WCN'24.
Join us for this illuminating session on how innovation meets discovery in Hall A on Tuesday, April 16 at 11 a.m. Argentina time.   
The ISN Expands Membership Accessibility With New Initiatives
The ISN has expanded its membership possibilities to enhance accessibility. New options include:
  • Exclusive medical student category
  • Lower associate membership fees
  • Multiple payment options
    Explore the Best in Kidney Education: Top 10 Picks From the ISN Academy in 2023!
    With a record-breaking 28,586 visits in November, the ISN Academy continues to be a cornerstone of educational excellence in kidney care worldwide.
    Discover the top 10 educational products of 2023!
    A Year of Achievements in Research Skills Development Led by the YNC's Capacity Building Sub-Committee
    Andrea Viecelli reports on providing young kidney health professionals with essential skills to conduct clinical research and develop collaborative research networks.
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    Renal pathologist ISN members - apply for
    a bursary
    December 20, 2023
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    January 1, 2024
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    January 17, 2024
    Transplant Professionals: Participate in a Survey on Multidisciplinary Approaches in Transplantation by the Banff Working Group on Antibody-mediated Injury