Aug 22, 2023

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“I Was Never Going to Be a Nephrologist Until I Met Him”:
How the Late Stewart Cameron Influenced Generations of Nephrologists
John Stewart Cameron 1934 - 2023
“A Unique Experience With Involvement That Extends Far Beyond the Official Duration of the Program”: ELP Cohort 1 in Kidney International Reports®
“Nurturing Global Leadership, Advocacy, Research, and Collegiality: The Unique Experience of the International Society of Nephrology Emerging Leaders Program”
Family, Friends and Colleagues Join Juan Abraham Bermúdez in Mexico as He Receives the ISN Latin America Pioneer Award
“Love medicine, have passion for teaching and an unlimited desire to serve, have science in your brain and kindness in your heart.”
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WCN’24 Abstracts
October 31, 2023
ISN Award Nominations
August 31, 2023
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Help Shape the Global Kidney Care Landscape: Download, Use and Share the ISN-Global Kidney Health Atlas Region-specific Summary Slides
The Smart Kidney, the Kidney Under Challenge and More - Discover WCN'24 Themes and the Program-at-a-Glance
Theme 1:
Better Kidney
Theme 2:
The Interconnected
Theme 3:
The Kidney Losing Function
Theme 4:
The Kidney Under Challenge
Theme 5:
The Smart