July 18, 2022

Emerging Infections, Climate Change, and the Microbiome - ISN Past President and ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi Chair, Vivekanand Jha Presents Highlights from the Scientific Program on Kidneys and Infections - Register Now!
Why is this meeting important and what can you expect from days one and two of the program? Find out here!
From ISN Fellow to Emerging Leader: Maximizing Personal Potential Through ISN Granting Programs to Advance Kidney Care in Nigeria
Find out how Onu Ugochi Chika's ISN Fellowship became a foundation to an impressive range of kidney care initiatives and ongoing improvements to her home healthcare center.
Working Toward Improved AKI Services in Latin America: The Saving Young Lives Project Holds First Workshop in Colombia
A two-day hybrid workshop in Bogota included lectures and hands-on workshop, the latter allowing individual participants to practice catheter insertion under expert supervision.
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Promote Your Research: Submit an Abstract to WCN'23, Bangkok, Thailand

Advancing the Discussion on Rare Diseases: Frontiers Meeting in Bergamo Highly Rated by Delegates 
Update on ISN Frontiers Meeting-New Delhi
The ISN Welcomes 15 New ISN Interventional Nephrology Scholars
Up to Twelve Months of Training to Benefit Kidney Health in Your Community: Apply for an ISN Fellowship Before October 1
Young Nephrologists in China: Apply to Train in Clinical Nephrology Through the IACN-ISN-HKSN Scholarship
Register for the Webinar Sessions to Meet Sister Centers Programs Leaders and Get Tips On Applying to the Program
Advance in Your Career and Make Life-long Learning Connections: Apply to the ISN Mentorship Program as a Mentee Before September 1
Credit Where It’s Due: Nominate a Candidate for the ISN 2023 Awards
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The ISN Supports Women in Nephrology, WIN ICON 2022
Explore the ISN Global Trials Focus’ June Selection Featuring Advance Care Planning Coaching for People with CKD
New Infographic! Finerenone Found to Reduce Risk of Clinically Important Kidney Outcomes in CKD Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
The infographic was supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Bayer AG.
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Wednesday, July 20  I  4 p.m. CEST
ISN-KDIGO Webinar Series on Complement in GN:
What’s New in the Management and Treatment of Glomerulonephritis - A Look at IgAN and MN
Monday, July 25  I  12 a.m. CEST
ISN-IPNA - Across the Lifespan Joint Webinars:
Adolescents and Young Adults Transition
ISN Frontiers Webinar:
Advances in Infectious Disease Diagnostics
Expert Insights:
Ethical Aspects of Kidney Care for Women
Watch the Latest ISN Video Abstract on the Association of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients
The latest episode from the @ISNeducation Social Media Team presents a paper from Kidney International:
Association of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Assessed by Heart Rate Response During Exercise with Intradialytic Hypotension and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients
High-sensitivity Cardiac Troponin and the Diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction in Patients with Kidney Impairment
This study describes hs-cTnI testing on the diagnosis, management, and outcomes of myocardial infarction in patients with and without kidney impairment.
The results demonstrate that hs-cTnI testing increased identification of myocardial injury and infarction but failed to address disparities in management and outcomes between those with and without kidney impairment.
Clinicopathological Characteristics of High-altitude Polycythemia-related Kidney Disease in Tibetan Inhabitants
Findings from a kidney biopsy-based clinicopathological study on high-altitude polycythemia (HAPC) demonstrate pathological changes of HAPC-related kidney disease in both glomerular and extraglomerular vascular lesions, suggesting the critical role of chronic hypoxia and secondary hemodynamic changes in the pathogenesis of this disease.
Parenthood with Kidney Failure: Answering Questions Patients Ask About Pregnancy
This review, co-designed by people with personal experience of kidney disease, helps nephrologists to answer the questions most asked by patients when planning for parenthood. It includes summaries of recent relevant studies, visual aids, and key principles of pregnancy management.