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Former ISN Fellow Sets Up First Peritoneal Dialysis Center in Pakistan - Get Inspired by His Account and Apply to the ISN Fellowship Program!
Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Riaz describes his ISN Fellowship experience in China and all it has propelled him to achieve since returning home.
Sister Renal Center Trio Partnership Graduates: How Did They Improve Kidney Care in Egypt?
Dedicated collaboration through the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program enabled a health center in Egypt to upgrade its clinical services, increasing capacity, skills, and research initiatives, and with the potential to offer future support to other regional kidney care centers.
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Patient Advocate Climbs Malaysia's Highest Mountain to Promote Organ Donation
Embrace the 2023 WKD Theme and Share Your Feedback on the 2022 Campaign
Listen to the Latest ISN Podcast, “Cochrane Kidney and Transplant: Past, Present and Future”
ISN-KDIGO-WONCA Joint Webinar on CKD Early Identification and Intervention - Part 2
This webinar is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.
ISN-KDIGO Webinar Series on Complement in GN:
What’s New in the Management and Treatment of GN: A look at ANCA and LN
@ISNeducation Nuances in Nephrology Webinar:
The Renin Angiotensin System and Kidney Disease
Kidney International Reports on COVID-19
COVID-19 Pandemic Waves and Mortality Among Patients on Kidney Replacement Therapy
Application of the International IgA Nephropathy Prediction Tool One or Two Years Post-biopsy
Using an international multi-ethnic derivation cohort of 2,507 adults with IgAN, the authors updated the International IgA Nephropathy (IgAN) Prediction Tool one year after biopsy. They externally validated this in a cohort of 722 adults.
The updated Prediction Tool had similar prediction performance when used at the time of biopsy and two years after biopsy. Thus, the updated Prediction Tool can be used for risk stratification one or two years post-biopsy.
Coffee Consumption May Mitigate the Risk for Acute Kidney Injury: Results from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study
In this study, coffee consumption was measured using food frequency questionnaires in a prospective cohort of 14,207 adults, and compared with the incidence of AKI defined by hospitalization with an AKI-related International Classification of Diseases code.
Higher coffee intake was associated with a lower risk of incident AKI after adjusting for multivariable factors.